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What is Horizon Blockchain Games?
What is Horizon Blockchain Games?
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At Horizon Blockchain Games (Horizon), we're building a New Dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants.

We created Skyweaver: the free-to-play cross platform card game where you can own, trade and gift your NFT cards. Deep yet accessible gameplay designed for both competitive and casual players. And, an economy forged by the players where all cards are created through gameplay by those who dare to conquer. Skyweaver is a trading card game from the new dimension, and it's pioneering community-owned economies in gaming.

We also built Sequence: a seamless, all-in-one developer platform and smart wallet that makes building web3 games and applications easy. Learn more about our products here:

Sequence Market: an SFT AMM protocol for fully automated collectible marketplace that runs on every Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network. Sequence Market is a protocol dedicated to trading SFTs (ERC-1155 tokens). It is designed to favor ease of use and provide access to liquidity on-chain.

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