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What’s the story of the game?
What’s the story of the game?
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Skyweaver takes place in Sky. Sky is an alternate reality, a new digital dimension that exists parallel to Earth. Players, a.k.a. Skyweavers come to Sky to play, explore and battle with one another. Through battle, Skyweavers activate, unlock and acquire resources provided by Sky.

Every resource that a player unlocks is a new discovery. New resources allow Skyweavers to discover new gameplay opportunities, and Skyweavers trade their resources with other Skyweavers to build and discover new possibilities.

Sky and Skyweavers live symbiotically; i.e. they help one another. Sky provides a home for all the Units that inhabit it and rewards players with resources to use and energy (i.e. mana) to play. Skyweavers help Sky evolve by activating and unlocking its resources. Sky and Skyweavers co-create the future together.

Skyweavers battle via a process called Weaving. Weaving is your ability to control mana, summon Units and cast spells.

The creatures that inhabit Sky battle alongside the Skyweavers they respect. Sky creatures appreciate players’ efforts to help their home evolve, and out of appreciation, allow certain Skyweavers to summon them.

Your quest as a Skyweaver is to use your mana, hone your skills, unlock resources, make new discoveries, have fun, and compete against other Skyweavers in a competition to become the best Skyweaver you can be and unlock your full potential. You’ll travel between realities – your life on Earth and your life in Sky – and you’re able to bring resources and rewards from Sky back to Earth.

Skyweaver's lore has evolved significantly since our first concept ideas, and more will be revealed as the game progresses.

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