For a detailed guide on how to transfer USDC on the Polygon chain to your Sequence Wallet to participate in the Skyweaver economy, check out our guide.

All transactions within Skyweaver economy are settled on the Polygon network. In order to purchase Conquest tickets, Silver and Gold cards on the Skyweaver marketplace, players must have a USDC balance on the Polygon network in their Sequence Wallet.

You can purchase USDC directly inside your Sequence Wallet with a debit or credit card by selecting “Add Funds” and then choosing one of our payment service provider options.


If these two options are not working for you, you can also try purchasing USDC on the Polygon chain through Moonpay. You will need to input your Sequence Wallet address which you can find under account name (in the format 0x12a45...6bc9). Tap your wallet address and select “Copy”, then insert it as the destination address in Moonpay.


If you already have USDC on the Polygon network in another crypto wallet, you can also simply send it on the Polygon chain to your Sequence Wallet.

Alternatively, you can purchase USDC on an exchange that supports withdrawals on the Polygon network, such as Binance or others, and transfer it to your Sequence Wallet. When sending USDC from an exchange, input your Sequence Wallet address and select the Polygon chain.


P.S.: As you can see in the last screenshot, sometimes certain chains are not available to withdraw on due to the exchange’s internal server maintenance. If you see a “Suspended” tag next to the Polygon chain, you will need to wait until withdrawals on the network are available again or you can try a different exchange.

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