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What are some of the card mechanics present in the game?
What are some of the card mechanics present in the game?
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There are a number of mechanics that make Skyweaver a game that’s easy to jump into, but at the same time provide a lot of depth for advanced players. Some examples:


Activates the effect described when the Unit attacks and damages the enemy Hero (not other Units, though!)


Triggers when the Unit is destroyed and sent to the graveyard. Note that Dusted Units will not trigger their Death effects.


A Play effect happens immediately when the Unit is ‘played’ from hand.

Inspire (X):

Activates when you summon a Unit or Spell that matches the secondary condition, within parentheses. For instance, a “Inspire (Metal): 1 Damage to a random enemy Unit” would cause 1 damage to a random enemy unit whenever you summon any Metal Unit or Spell.


Sunrise effects trigger at the start of your turn.


Sunset effects trigger at the end of your turn.

Read more about combat Keywords and triggered abilities here.

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