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Can I earn rewards from playing Skyweaver?
Can I earn rewards from playing Skyweaver?

Free to play, win to earn

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Skyweaver is a free-to-play, win-to-earn trading card game. We strongly encourage players to have fun and enjoy the game in itself, while interacting with our vibrant community of players in the TCG and Web3 gaming space. Consider the rewards that you earn from playing Ranked or Conquest as a bonus.

You are free to buy, sell and trade Skyweaver digital items as if they were physical items you possess. These items such as cards, stickers, skins etc can be sold to another person/player through a peer-to-peer system, or be sold back to the Skyweaver Market at any time.

Please note: Our team is not responsible for any peer-to-peer transactions, as well as third party sites that players participate in. Due diligence is advised.

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