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Skyweaver List of Restricted Regions
Skyweaver List of Restricted Regions
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In order to comply with the laws, regulations and legal requirements of Canada, the U.S. and other global jurisdictions, Skyweaver and Sequence will not be available in part or in whole in the following regions below.

Please note that users in regions with "Limited Access" will not be able to access the Skyweaver Market, but still have access to the game. Users in regions with "No Access" will not be able to access any part of Skyweaver or Sequence.

*Please be aware that third-party service providers accessible within Skyweaver may not offer their services to users in certain geographic locations. This includes third-party service providers that provide services for on-ramping users’ cryptocurrency.

At this time, Limited Access refers to certain states within the United States of America. Skyweaver can be accessed from these states; users can earn Silver Cards via Weekly Rewards, play Conquest matches, receive Skyweaver cards from others, and obtain Skyweaver cards on third-party platforms. However, the Skyweaver Market feature will not be available in these Limited Access states.

Jurisdictions with Limited Access to Skyweaver

  • Alaska

  • Connecticut

  • Hawaii

  • Louisiana

  • Nebraska

  • New York

  • Rhode Island

  • Washington State

Jurisdictions with No Access to Skyweaver

Skyweaver and Sequence cannot be accessed from the following regions:

  • Afghanistan

  • Algeria

  • Bangladesh

  • Belarus

  • Burma (Myanmar)

  • Central African Republic

  • China

  • Cuba

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Egypt

  • Ethiopia

  • Haiti

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • Macao

  • Mali

  • Moldova

  • Morocco

  • Nepal

  • Nicaragua

  • North Korea

  • Qatar

  • Russian Federation

  • Somalia

  • South Sudan

  • Sri Lanka

  • Sudan

  • Syria

  • Tunisia

  • Ukraine

  • Venezuela

  • Yemen

  • Zimbabwe

We’ll continue to update the list as needed. Changes are taking into effect on November 9, 2023, and are subject to change as needed in the future. We will continue to look for opportunities to bring Skyweaver to as many people as possible across the globe. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

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