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I live in the United States. Will Skyweaver be fully accessible for me?
I live in the United States. Will Skyweaver be fully accessible for me?
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Skyweaver is accessible in the United States, but some states have limited access due to internal regulations. Players from the following states listed below can play Skyweaver, but due to regulatory reasons, cannot participate in Skyweaver's economy or any Market transactions. You will be able to access or download the game normally.

  • Alaska

  • Connecticut

  • Hawaii

  • Louisiana

  • Nebraska

  • New York

  • Rhode Island

  • Washington

And what does not being able to access the economy and market mean?
1. We will not accept any payment from players in USDC or fiat currency for any Conquest games.
2. Players will not be able to buy/sell their Skyweaver cards in our Market.
​What you still can do:
1. You can still play Conquest! If a friends happens to gift you a Silver card or a Conquest ticket, these can be redeemed to play the game!

2. You can use In-App Purchases on your mobile device to get a Conquest ticket directly and use that to play the game mode! Please note that this is currently only available on Android and will come to iOS at a later date.

3. Since you can play Conquest, of course you can still win Silver & Gold cards. However, you will not be able to sell them in the Skyweaver Market or trade them.
4. You are also eligible to win Silver Cards via the Ranked Rewards, if you qualify.

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