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Where can I find the Transaction ID in my Wallet, and how to read the transaction in the blockchain?
Where can I find the Transaction ID in my Wallet, and how to read the transaction in the blockchain?
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A transaction hash or transaction id (txID) is a unique set of characters that identifies each transaction that is verified and included into the blockchain. In most cases, a txID is needed in order to locate funds.

Follow these steps to find the txID from any transaction in your Sequence Wallet:

1. Click in History tab

2. Select which transaction you want to search

3. Click on the Copy button to get the long txID in your clipboard

4. Click in "View on Polygonscan" or "View on Etherscan" to access the blockchain tracker directly to the transaction

How to read the transaction in the blockchain tracker?

In the following example we're viewing a transaction describing a transfer of a Skyweaver silver card (ERC1155 NFT) from my wallet.

  • At the top, you can see the transaction hash, the same that it's appearing in the history tab of your wallet.

  • Then Status, confirming the transaction was a success. You can see in other scenarios a transaction that it's pending in Yellow colour and a Rejected transaction in red colour.

  • Block means the identification number of the block where this transaction got registered in the blockchain.

  • The timestamp is exactly when this transaction was executed.

  • From will usually show you the wallet address where the transfer was made from. But in this case, it's showing you the relayer wallet's address that performs the transaction on behalf of your wallet. (note: This happens because all Sequence Wallets are smart contract wallets)

  • The info in To will be the destination of the token that got sent. In this case, is a smart contract.

  • Transaction action is actually what happened in this transaction. In this case we can see a transfer of a Skyweaver card from my wallet to another wallet. You can also see the amount, 100 of a specific NFT card ID.

  • The value will be the amount of the blockchain's native token, in case the transaction has moved that token (MATIC in Polygon or ETH in Ethereum)

  • Transaction Fee refers to the cost of the transaction, also known as gas fee. This amount is paid to the blockchain validators who run and register all the transactions in the blockchain.

  • At the bottom, you'll see MATIC Price as the price of the native token at that specific timestamp when the transaction occurred. In this example, the price was $1.56 = 1 MATIC.

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