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Login and disconnection Issues
Login and disconnection Issues

This article will help you troubleshoot common errors that you encounter.

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Login errors

  • Please make sure you are using the same login credentials that you used when you created your account. Using a different login method will cause you to create a new account.

  • If you are using a browser, please make sure you allow pop-ups for Skyweaver. Disabling pop-ups may prevent the Sequence wallet authentication window from appearing.

  • Clear data cache and cookies (for at least 7 days) as this resolves a lot of login issues.

Disconnection/Reconnect Issues

  • Solution 1: Click on your name on the top of the application. This will open your Skyweaver Profile. Go to "Settings" and click "Update". This will download all the assets in game for an overall smoother experience

  • Solution 2: If you're on a browser, clear your cache and history and relaunch your browser. If you're on mobile, delete the Skyweaver app and reinstall.

  • Solution 3: Optimize your browser by turning on hardware acceleration

"invalid ethauth proof" error on Sequence wallet login

  • Solution: Please check to see if your device time is synchronized correctly by going to . Incorrect device time will prevent you from logging in.

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