Hero Skins
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UPDATE: Hero Skins are no longer available in the Skyweaver Market for minting. You can acquire them through secondary markets and p2p.

Legacy Hero Skins are as prestigious as they sound. They transform the look of your hero and allow you to earn 25% more Conquest points when used in Conquest matches.

Hero Skins can be minted or purchased on the Skyweaver Market.

Every Hero Skin required 10 Gold cards and a USDC fee. The amount of USDC required started at around 20 USDC and increases exponentially each time 10 skins are minted. You can mint your own Hero Skins using your own gold cards as the extra copies can be automatically sold on the Market to cover the USDC minting fee. (Update: Minting of Legacy Hero Skins are temporarily unavailable)

The value of Gold cards and Hero skins will be determined by the market at any given time.

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