New to the game? We recently released a set of 5 Starter Decks, one for each prism. Each set has 25 cards. This allows new players to start playing Constructed and building their own decks faster.

Heroes determine the types of cards you can wield in a match and therefore are tied to Starter decks. Upon reaching levels 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12, you will unlock a corresponding Starter deck. Reaching level 15 will unlock all remaining 15 Heroes.

The 5 Starter decks will grant a new player +125 new Base cards that can be used to build custom decks so you can start playing Constructed mode right away!

If you are an old player, but have yet to unlock all available base cards, the 5 Starter Decks will also be unlocked for you, provided that you meet the corresponding level requirement for each deck.

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