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What is Conquest Treasure?
What is Conquest Treasure?
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Beginning with Patch 100, You will start earning Conquest points on each and every Conquest match, regardless if you win or lose. You can use these points to redeem a weekly Conquest Treasure which contains a certain amount of USDC.

Redeem a weekly Conquest Treasure with your earned Conquest points!

Once you have enough points, you can start redeeming Treasures beginning with level 1, and then higher as you earn additional points.

You can earn more points on every match if you have gold or silver cards on your deck. Below is the breakdown of how points are awarded:

  • Each completed match grants +4 points

  • Each Silver card in the deck you played grants an additional +1 point

  • Each Gold card in the deck you played grants an additional +3 points

  • Playing with a Legacy Hero skin grants an additional 25% on your total points

The highest points per game you can earn is 118 points--having 30 gold cards and a hero skin.

There are 10 levels of Treasures you can redeem based on how many points you have. Each level will contain a certain amount of USDC based on the weight of the chest. Please stay tuned as we will later be adding more to each treasure; such as tradable cards and cosmetics purchased from the Market, as well as special prizes unique to Conquest Treasures!

As an example, if 1 kg of chest is worth 2 USDC, a level 1 chest would have 2 USDC. A level 2 chest would have 6.36 USDC since 2 USDC x 3.18 kgs = 6.36 USDC. A level 10 chest would have 437.36 USDC since 2 USDC x 218.68 kgs = 437.36 USDC.

The Conquest Treasures open every Monday, 10 am EST. Any unused points will be carried over to the following week. Players cannot gain more than 13,750 points (level 10) in one week.


The level of your Treasure is used to determine your share of the global USDC prize pool. This prize pool represents a portion of the revenue generated through Conquest for that specific week; defined by the total number of Tickets purchased. It also represents other sources from additional revenue streams in order to bolster the weekly prize pool. Each Treasure level commands an even greater share of the prize pool compared to the one that came before it.

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