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Are there incentives for inviting new players?
Are there incentives for inviting new players?
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Yes! You can get tradable stickers (emotes) when you invite friends to join Skyweaver. These stickers are only on seasonal release and will never be minted again, making it highly collectible.

How do I make sure the friends I invite count towards my points?

Invite friends to join through this invite URL: and have them enter your wallet address at the bottom of the page. You will start earning points as your friends level up. Only the points of your top 5 performing friends will be counted towards your progress.

Where can I see the details of my invites?

You can see your progress through the news page on the app or browser. You can find the sticker widget there. Once the current season ends, any unused points will be carried over to the next season.

The Stickers widget will also show you your top 5 performing friends, the number of points they've given you, as well as the name of the player who invited you.

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