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What are stickers in Skyweaver?
What are stickers in Skyweaver?
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Stickers are cosmetic items that are similar to emojis and are used in the same manner in-game. You can use the stickers during a match, as well as while spectating a live match.

How do you get them?

You can get stickers through the following:

  1. The Invite-A-Friend feature allows you to earn sticker points each time your invited friends level up.

  2. You can earn limited edition stickers as rewards from the Premium Skypass.

  3. You can earn sticker points as rewards from the basic and Premium Skypass.

  4. You may also earn stickers through future events, promotions and partnership.

Can I choose the stickers I want to get?

The stickers are seasonal; a certain set will only be offered during the said season, and never again. This means that they can be highly collectible and rare. Brand new stickers are released with each new season.

Can I send my stickers to someone else?

Yes. The stickers are tradable and stored in your Sequence wallet so you can definitely trade them, or gift them to a friend.

How do I use them?

On your Items page, equip the stickers you would like to use during matches. While on a match, tap your Hero and select the stickers button to choose the sticker you would like to use.

While on spectate mode, tap the Stickers button at the bottom right of the screen to bring out the stickers available for use.

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