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What is Skypass?
What is Skypass?
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The Skypass is the newest addition to the Skyweaver progression system. Here you'll have a seasonal level (separate from your all-time level) and claim the rewards being offered for that season as you play matches and level up. Once the season resets, your seasonal level also resets, and the progression track will populate with the new rewards for the season. You have 28 days to level up and claim all rewards for that season.

What are the claimable rewards in Skypass?

You get base cards, expansion cards (which you normally don't get until you unlocked the other 600 base cards), and if you have Premium Skypass, you'll also get limited edition items like tradable card backs and stickers that are only offered for that specific season. You'll also get silver cards, more Hexbound expansion cards and Conquest tickets. We'll add even more collectible items in the coming seasons.

Is Skypass free?

The basic Skypass is free. You also have an option to purchase the Premium Skypass to unlock base cards even faster, and earn even more rewards.

How much does Premium Skypass cost?

The Premium Skypass costs $14.95. You can make the purchase with a credit card via Stripe or In-App Purchase (IAP) on iOS and Android. A USDC payment option will follow soon.

Note: The cost for premium will vary depending on the platform used.

What if I purchased the Premium Skypass late in the season?

You can purchase Premium Skypass at any point in the season, and you'll still be able to claim all previous premium rewards from the levels you've completed even before your purchase.

What will determine the type of cards I'll get?

The base cards you'll get will depend on the prism you used on your latest match prior to claiming (with the exemption of Hexbound cards).

Are the rewards tradable?

Most items you'll get like the card backs, stickers, and silver cards are tradable. Soon we'll add a visual effect that will let you know whether your reward is tradable.

How long does it take to claim all the rewards for the season?

This will vary greatly depending on your play style. If you play about 30 minutes a day, you should be able to complete the Skypass by reaching level 50. The amount of base cards you will unlock for free per level will average out to the same as it was before this update (excluding the bonus for new players).

Will I continue to earn base cards when I level up after I complete the Skypass for the season?

Yes! Once you complete the Skypass until level 50, the progression track will simply extend and you’ll be able to claim free base cards every time you level up.

What happens if I reach Level 50 and have unlocked all possible cards? Will I unlock 'soon-to-be' expansion cards in the same season?

For now, we currently do not have a system in place for that. However, we're exploring how mini-expansions can be integrated with Skypass in the months to come.

I tried to claim a reward in Skypass but it did not show up in my library. What should I do?

Please refresh the game and check the Items tab once more. If you still don't see your reward, please reach out to us so we can check this for you.

Read more about the Skypass on this blog post.

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