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Skyweaver has Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal quests that can earn you rewards like XP, cards, and more. We also have Epic Quests for new users which don't expire. Currently, the reward available is XP, which is tied to your progress in Skypass, and therefore, to more rewards. We'll keep adding various rewards as we continue to develop this feature.

How much time do I have to complete the quests?

Depending on the type (as the names imply), you're given a daily, weekly, and seasonal time frame in order to complete the quests before time runs out and a new type of quest is made available to you.

Can I have more time to complete the quests?

No; once the time runs out, the quests will reset and be replaced with new ones. You may encounter those quests you didn't complete in the future.


If you want to opt out on a particular quest, you have the option to reroll for a different quest once for each type, until the next reset.

However, if you're on the Premium Skypass, you have 2 rerolls for each type of quest until the next reset.

Quests resets every 10 am EST.

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