What is a Soft Launch?

Soft Launch sees our economy go live on Matic mainnet, which means the tradable items (e.g. Silver and Gold cards/NFTs) you win from Ranked Rewards or Conquest will become your property that you can sell, trade or gift to other players. When Skyweaver enters Soft Launch, all player progress will be completely reset. This includes all cards earned during Private Beta.

Soft Launch ushers in a Play-to-Own economy in which you can win items (NFTs) that become your property via free gameplay. In other words, at Soft Launch, you’ll be able to own a piece of Skyweaver by owning Silver and Gold cards won through skilled competitive gameplay, or purchased from other players on the Market!

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  • Hi, is this the private test phase right now? Then I would like to know when the soft launch and public testing will take place?


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