Your Sequence Wallet uses the same address (the series of numbers at the top of your wallet: 0x…) for both Polygon and Ethereum. However, in order for your Polygon items to appear on the Ethereum mainnet—you must move them. This is called bridging between networks and it incurs a network fee (or what’s known as a gas fee).

Normally this “bridge” can be performed in the Sequence Wallet and completed in 2 transactions. The first transaction is done on the Polygon network and can take up to 3 hours. Users will then be charged a small gas fee (~$0.01). The second transaction is done on the Ethereum mainnet and will cost a considerable amount (around $100). To perform this transaction users must have assets on the Ethereum mainnet to pay the gas fee.

It is for this reason that we’ve temporarily disabled this feature in the Sequence Wallet so Skyweaver players don’t get caught in the 2nd step by mistake. You can still use other bridging services outside of your Sequence Wallet using the Wallet Connect feature. The bridging feature in Sequence will remain hidden until we finish improving our existing flow to ensure each step is clear and users are aware of such costs ahead of time. If you find yourself caught in step 1, rest assured those assets are safe—just contact us to resolve the issues.

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