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Economy FAQ
Economy FAQ

Your most pressing questions about Skyweaver's Economy and Business Model are addressed in this section.

I received a code for a Genesis Card during Private Beta or at a convention (such as TwitchCon). How can I redeem this code?
What happened to the progress I gained during Private Beta?
Are there any RNG mechanics (aka Randomization) in the economy or Skyweaver Market?
Can I convert USDC into USD (or another fiat currency) within Skyweaver? 
Can I earn USDC by playing Skyweaver?
Why would I want USDC? 
Are there fees when I buy USDC?
I sent my cards to the wrong user, can I get my cards back?
How can I purchase USDC?
Can my account get hacked?
Will there be microtransactions in Skyweaver?
I can’t access my email account. How do I access my Sequence wallet?
I can’t access my social account. How do I access my Sequence wallet?
Why does Horizon nerf or buff cards in Skyweaver?
Can other people see what cards I own?
Will Horizon ever ban cards in Skyweaver?
Are my transactions public?
Can I cancel a transaction if it’s still pending?
Are different card grades more rare than others?
Can my Silver and Gold cards change in USDC price?
What does it mean when a transaction is “Pending”?
Are my transactions secure when I buy, sell or trade a card in Skyweaver?
Will you ever rotate sets or cards out of play?
Can I gift cards that I buy to other players?
How are you protecting my items and cryptocurrencies in my Sequence Wallet?
Can I trade one of my cards for another card with a player (i.e. barter)?
Can I gift, sell, trade, or loan my tradeable items to other players, and vise versa?
How are you protecting my credit card information?
When I trade in the Market, am I actually trading my cards for other cards?
What can I do with the cards that I buy on the Skyweaver Market?
Can Horizon manipulate the Market or economy by minting cards and changing the supply or demand of a certain card?
Can I sell or buy cards and other Skyweaver items on a third-party website?
Can I buy cards from other players in Skyweaver?
What is Polygon (formerly Matic)?
Which cards can I trade and sell in Skyweaver?
Can the cards that I unlock during matches be traded or sold on the Market?
Do I need to own Ether (aka ETH) in order to buy cards?
Can I buy all the cards in Skyweaver without ever playing a game?
Are there any other fees when I sell or buy a card on the Skyweaver Market?
What is Ethereum, and what is Ether (ETH)?
Are there transaction fees when I sell or buy a card on the Skyweaver Market?
I don’t have a web3 wallet, can I still play Skyweaver?
What kind of in-game currencies exist in Skyweaver?
What items can I buy on the Market?
What methods of payment will Skyweaver accept to buy cards in the Market?
How can I buy cards in Skyweaver?
How long should I have to wait for a transaction to take place?
Do you support Metamask? What other 3rd party wallets does Skyweaver support?
How can I unlock cards for free?
Am I buying cards from other players or from Horizon in the Skyweaver Market?
If I don’t have a credit card, how do I purchase Skyweaver cards?
Does your payment provider take credit cards? Which ones?
Can I purchase Skyweaver items on the Market using mobile?
After I exchange USDC to fiat, how do I put it in my bank account? How do I withdraw it? 
Can I purchase Skyweaver items on third party markets like OpenSea?
What is the difference between USDC and USDC.e?
How come it takes a long time for my transaction to go through?
What determines the price of cards?
Are there additional fees for simply exchanging USDC to USD (or the currency in my country)?
How do I make my first Skyweaver purchase?
Does Horizon Blockchain Games take any fees from the purchase?
Why am I unable to access the Skyweaver Market?
I am under 18. Can I still purchase Skyweaver cards and trade them? 
How do I send my items from Polygon (a.k.a the blockchain network Skyweaver uses) to Ethereum mainnet?
How do I send my items from another blockchain network to my Sequence Wallet on Polygon?