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Are my transactions secure when I buy, sell or trade a card in Skyweaver?
Are my transactions secure when I buy, sell or trade a card in Skyweaver?
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Your security is incredibly important to us.

Sequence is a non-custodial wallet, which means that we cannot access any of its contents, nor can anyone else. Only you, the wallet owner, have access to the contents. The only risk of being hacked exists with someone hacking your email or social account and using it to log into your Sequence Wallet, so be sure to keep access to the email or social account associated with your Skyweaver account secure.

In fact, we've conducted multiple independent security audits on our smart contracts to make sure our contracts are secure. You can review these audits by ConsenSys Diligence, Quantstamp and others here. If we assume there are no bugs, players can buy and sell items in a way that guarantees transactions will execute as expected, and if a transaction does not execute as expected, it will be cancelled altogether.

While we are confident in our system, please be mindful that we are building a new product using new technology, and it’s possible that bugs will occur. If a bug is revealed, we will communicate the issue and its implications, and we will respond quickly to fix it. We are committed to the security of your items and transactions.

Disclaimer: the Sequence Wallet is a beta software. While we continually make our best efforts and have performed multiple security audits to ensure the security and integrity of the wallet, please be mindful that no software is perfectly secure. Please manage your items and cryptocurrencies accordingly.

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